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usemeholly's Journal

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30 seconds to mars, 504 plan, a jealousy issue, a static lullaby, acceptance, across five aprils, alkaline trio, amber pacific, angels & airwaves, argyle, armor for sleep, art, atmosphere, atreyu, avail, band shirts, bass, better than ezra, black eyeliner & nailpolish, bleeding through, blink 182, brand new, bright eyes, cartel, chin up chin up, combat boots, concerts, copeland, cursive, cuteiswhatweaimfor, dancing, dashboard confessional, dawson's creek, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, degrassi, don't die cindy, drawing, dresden dolls, explosions in the sky, fall out boy, film, finch, flip-flops, funeral for a friend, gym class heroes, hair gel, hello kitty, hellogoodbye, hip hop, hollywood, horseback riding, hot hot heat, i am the avalanche, imogen heap, islands, jack off jill, jazz, jelly bracelets, jimmy eat world, journalism, kill hannah, letter kills, los angeles, love, lucid dreaming, mae, mix tapes, motion city soundtrack, music, my american heart, my chemical romance, northstar, now it's overhead, oasis, old school nintendo, paintball, painting, panic! at the disco, peachcake, philosophy, photography, placebo, plus 44, poetry, politics, psychology, razors, relient k, religion, rise against, rush, saves the day, say anything, scary kids scaring kids, self injury, senses fail, shoes, showbread, silverstein, singing, ska, snow, snow patrol, sociology, somerset, something corporate, sorry about dresden, straylight run, studded belts, sugarcult, suicide machines, sunglasses, swimming, taking back sunday, the 90's, the academy is..., the agony scene, the audition, the beach, the early november, the faint, the format, the fray, the get up kids, the hush sound, the juliana theory, the kinison, the living end, the matches, the movielife, the offspring, the postal service, the smiths, the spill canvas, the starting line, the unicorns, the used, thursday, tragedy letters, turntables, underoath, valencia, vinyl, waking ashland, writing, yellowcard, you, ,